Interact with the audience at all possible moments

The first thing in your mind should be to make your audience feel important and cared for as opposed to the general conception of being objects. Don’t forget that they are the reason why you are standing on stage. It is so because they genuinely care about your art and it is only fair if you care about their happiness in return. Remember to take time to add some funny jokes from your last tour or the city you are playing in.

Most importantly give your audience a chance to respond to you. This can be achieved as something as obvious as asking how everyone is doing or asking where to get the best food to eat and so on. If you notice someone going crazy, single them out and make their night while simultaneously making everyone else laugh.


Get creative without becoming gimmicky

It all depends on you. You should do anything and something first and foremost which feels natural to you since anything planned, strategic or forced can turn out dull and awkward. Always be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Learn to brainstorm with fellow other members to decide upon new and innovative ways to figure out what would work best for your act. For example, certain musicians grab the phones of their fans right in front of them, call their mom and sing for them. These are all different examples of creativity.

Think about sight, not just sound


As a musician, a concert is the best opportunity for you to appeal to all the fans senses as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing experience. Just think about the different innovative ways to beautify the concert. This could be achieved by setting up fog machines, great lighting tech on stage or stage background. Take advantage of all elements of technology available at each venue with an intention to captivate audiences.

Play something unexpected

Gigs and concerts provide the perfect opportunity to play and experiment something new with the audience. The audience always wants to get more or an extra something out of a live musical experience. You can captivate the audience by adding a new twist, remixing or playing a new song to make the audience experience something new that they have never heard before. Your fans will always anticipate in hearing the songs they already know about, so tend to blow them away by playing something new and unexpected.