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Middlesbrough Town Hall is one the most sort out venues for high profile events. With the capacity to house nearly 2000 guests and eye-catching interiors, Middlesbrough is definitely a class apart. We have the privilege of being the venue of many royal events in the world.
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“Middlesbrough can literally mesmerize you and sweep you off your feet. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it one of the best in the world.”

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Revolutionizing Window Treatments: The Rise of Clip-On Shutter Blinds

As you stand before your windows, you can’t help but think that the sun has finally met its match with the advent of clip on shutter blinds, the latest contender in the age-old battle for light control. You’ve seen trends come and go, but these innovative window treatments promise a simplicity that begs the question: why didn’t someone clip onto this idea sooner?

With their snap-on functionality, you’ll find the installation process a refreshing departure from the cumbersome rituals of yore. Yet, despite their ease of use, these blinds offer a surprising depth in design and aesthetic versatility, which might leave you wondering about their durability and long-term value. And while your curiosity piques about the cost-effectiveness of this window dressing revolution, rest assured that the following discourse will lay bare the intricacies of these modern marvels.

And perhaps, lead you to reconsider the very essence of sunlight management in your abode.

The Concept of Clip-On Blinds

Embracing both form and function, clip-on blinds offer a stylish, effortless solution to control natural light with the added convenience of easy installation. You’ll discover that these sophisticated window treatments are more than just a visual delight; they’re a seamless blend of smart integration and versatile functionality.

As you delve into the world of contemporary decor, clip-on blinds stand out with their crisp lines and minimalist appeal. Imagine adjusting your room’s ambiance with just a quick snap-on motion—no cumbersome tools required. The sleek design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about embracing a trend-conscious lifestyle where convenience meets chic.

These blinds come equipped with smart integration features, meaning you can often operate them via a smartphone or voice command, fitting perfectly into your smart home ecosystem. Their versatile functionality shines through as they adapt to various window sizes and styles, ensuring that you’re not left wrestling with mismatched shades.

You’ll appreciate how clip-on blinds can transform a space, filtering light to cast a soft glow or blocking it out for complete privacy. They embody the essence of modern living—where design is thoughtful, and your comfort is paramount. Choose clip-on blinds, and you’re choosing a touch of elegance that understands the rhythm of your life.

Installation Simplified

You’ll marvel at the simplicity of transforming your living space, as clip-on blinds offer an effortlessly chic installation process that aligns with the latest interior design trends. An effortless setup is at your fingertips, removing the intimidation from window treatment upgrades. Imagine a time-saving solution that infuses your room with a modern aesthetic while providing the functional benefits of traditional blinds.

Here’s a quick comparison to traditional blind installation:

Traditional Blinds Clip-On Shutter Blinds
Time-consuming setup Quick clip-on mechanism
Needs multiple tools No tools required
Professional installation DIY friendly
Fixed positioning Easy to adjust

With clip-on shutter blinds, you’re not just adding a layer of elegance to your windows; you’re embracing a trend-conscious approach that celebrates both form and function. These blinds are designed with a detail-oriented mindset, ensuring every edge, texture, and color complements your space without overwhelming it. The result is a harmonious blend of style and practicality that echoes the ethos of modern living—where beauty is in the seamless integration of design elements. So, why not transform your home with a flourish that’s as smart as it is stylish?

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Effortlessly merging with your home’s decor, clip-on shutter blinds offer a sleek and customizable touch that captures the essence of contemporary design. They’re not just about utility; they’re a statement piece that reflects your personal style and attention to detail. The aesthetic appeal of these innovative window treatments is unparalleled, with a nod to both the minimalist and the bold.

Color versatility:

  • Neutral tones: Complement any room without overpowering it
  • Bold hues: Create an accent piece or a focal point
  • Custom shades: Match your blinds to any color palette

Pattern variety enhances the overall look, allowing you to choose from a range of designs that can either stand out or blend in. It’s the little details that make a big impact.

  • Intricate designs: Offer a sophisticated flair
  • Simple lines: Emphasize a modern, clean look
  • Textured finishes: Add depth and warmth to your space

You’ll find that these blinds are the epitome of trend-consciousness, always reflecting the latest in home decor. Whether you’re after a timeless look or something that speaks to the avant-garde, clip-on shutter blinds adapt to your evolving tastes without ever compromising on style.

Durability and Maintenance

While the visual charm of clip-on shutter blinds is undeniable, their long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance are what truly set them apart as a smart, stylish choice for the discerning homeowner. Crafted with cutting-edge materials, these blinds boast impressive weather resistance, standing up to the harsh rays of the sun, the dampness of rain, and the chill of snow without warping, fading, or deteriorating. You’ll find that they maintain their pristine condition and functionality, ensuring that your investment is not only chic but also enduring.

The cleaning convenience of these innovative window treatments can’t be overstated. Gone are the days of laborious dusting and washing. With a simple unclip, each shutter can be removed swiftly, making wiping away the grime a breeze. This quick detachment feature means you can keep your blinds in impeccable shape without the need for specialized equipment or excessive time. The ease with which you can care for them not only preserves their aesthetic allure but also saves you precious moments, allowing you to focus on enjoying the beauty and comfort of your home. Clip-on shutter blinds represent the zenith of modern home décor: minimal upkeep for maximum sophistication.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Considering their long-term resilience and minimal maintenance requirements, clip-on shutter blinds are not just a visually appealing addition to your space, but they’re also an economically savvy investment. They align seamlessly with the current market trends that favor both aesthetics and functionality. Let’s delve into why they’re such a cost-effective choice:

Initial Costs vs. Long-Term Savings

  • Upfront Investment: While the initial price may be higher than traditional blinds, the durable design means fewer replacements.
  • Energy Efficiency: These blinds provide excellent insulation, reducing heating and cooling expenses.
  • Maintenance: Virtually maintenance-free, you’ll save on cleaning and repair costs over time.

Alignment with Consumer Preferences

  • Customization: They cater to the demand for personalized home decor.
  • Ease of Use: Their simple clip-on mechanism suits the modern, fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Made with sustainable materials, they appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Resale Value

  • Property Appeal: Quality window treatments like clip-on shutter blinds can increase your home’s marketability.
  • Investment Recovery: Should you sell your home, these blinds can contribute to a higher selling price.

You’ll find that investing in clip-on shutter blinds is not only a nod to the latest home decor trends but also a smart move for your wallet.


What To Do If Your Husband Or Wife Has An STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a serious health concern that can affect any person who is sexually active. Unfortunately, even in committed relationships, it is possible for one partner to contract an STD from the other. If you or your spouse has been diagnosed with an STD, the most important step is to seek professional medical advice and treatment immediately. This article will provide advice on what to do if you or your husband/wife has been diagnosed with an STD and how to ensure the safety of both partners.

When someone is diagnosed with an STD, it’s essential that they receive prompt medical care and follow their doctor’s advice as closely as possible. This includes taking medication as prescribed and receiving regular screenings for any potential complications. Additionally, it’s critical to make sure that both partners are tested so that any additional infections can be identified early on. It’s also highly recommended that partners practice safe sex even after the initial diagnosis to prevent further infections.

Keep in mind the emotional toll this diagnosis may have on both parties involved. Open communication is key in overcoming this hurdle together and finding ways to move forward in a healthy way. We hope this article helps provide some useful insight into what you should do if your husband/wife has an STD and how you both can stay safe moving forward.

Identifying The STD

It is essential to identify the type of STD that your partner has to begin treatment. The signs and symptoms of STDs vary, and can be very different from one another. Some common symptoms include: genital lesions, warts, itching or burning sensations in the genital area, pain during urination or intercourse, discharge from the penis or vagina, a sore throat for no apparent reason, and swollen lymph nodes. If any of these symptoms are present, it is essential to get tested immediately.

Testing for STDs can be done at a doctor’s office or health clinic. Tests may require a urine sample, blood sample, swabbing of the genitals or throat, or physical examination of the genitals. Depending on the type of infection suspected and its location in the body, different tests may be necessary. Remember that many STDs do not have any noticeable symptoms at all – so even if you don’t see any signs of an infection, getting tested regularly is important.

Once you have been tested and have identified which STD your partner has contracted, then it is time to start looking into treatment options.

Getting Tested

If you or your partner has an STD, it is helpful to get tested and treated as soon as possible. Testing can identify the infection and help prevent further spread of the disease. It’s also essential to speak with your partner about getting tested and treated together.

The most common tests for STDs are either a swab test or a blood test. A swab test involves taking a sample from the affected area of the body, such as the throat or genitals, and sending it for laboratory testing. In some cases, urine samples may also be taken. A blood test is used to detect antibodies that have been produced by the body in response to an infection. Both types of tests can be done via an online STD testing and treatment service such as Ruclear, they are usually accurate and reliable results can be obtained quickly.

Treatment options will vary depending on the type of STD you have, but may include antibiotics, antiviral medications, topical ointments, or vaccines. Your doctor will work with you to determine which treatment option is best for you based on your medical history and lifestyle factors. If left untreated, certain STDs can cause serious health problems including infertility, organ damage, neurological problems, and even death in rare cases.

Seeking Treatment

Once the diagnosis of an STD is confirmed, seeking treatment should be the next step. Treatment options vary depending on the type of infection and its severity. Many STDs can be treated effectively with a course of antibiotics or antiviral medications. In some cases, a single dose of medication may be enough to cure the infection. Take all prescribed medications as directed by a healthcare provider and follow-up visits may be necessary to ensure that treatment was successful.

If left untreated, some types of STDs can cause long-term health issues, such as infertility and chronic pain. Additionally, having an STD increases the risk for contracting other sexually transmitted infections and can even lead to life-threatening illnesses like HIV/AIDS. Therefore, it is essential for both partners to get tested and treated if necessary to prevent further transmission and reduce potential complications.

When visiting a healthcare provider for STD testing or treatment, it is paramount to inform them of any existing medical conditions or allergies as well as any medications being taken to avoid any interactions or adverse reactions. Furthermore, it is also recommended that both partners abstain from sexual activity until treatment has been completed and cleared by a doctor. Taking these steps will help protect against reinfection or transmitting the infection to others.

Communicating With Your Spouse

If your spouse has an STD, communicate openly and honestly with them. It is essential to discuss the diagnosis with them, as well as potential treatment options. During this conversation, both parties should be respectful of one another’s feelings and listen to each other’s concerns.

In addition to discussing the diagnosis with your partner, you should also consider disclosing the diagnosis to any sexual partners you may have had prior or during your relationship. This is important if those partners may still be engaging in sexual activity with others. Notifying sexual partners allows them to take appropriate steps for their health and safety.

It also allows everyone involved to get tested for STDs and receive necessary treatment if needed. Taking these actions will help prevent further transmission of STDs and ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy. Both you and your partner need to prioritize open communication about the diagnosis so that you can move forward together in a way that works best for both of you.

Protecting Yourself And Others

When it comes to an STD, communication is key. Talk openly and honestly with your spouse about their diagnosis and what steps need to be taken to protect yourself and others. If you have had unprotected sex with your partner, it is essential that you get tested as soon as possible. This will help ensure that if any symptoms arise, they can be addressed quickly. Practice safe sex, even if you are in a monogamous relationship. Using condoms during sexual activity can greatly reduce the risk of contracting an STD from your partner or anyone else. Additionally, abstaining from sexual activity is the only sure fire way to ensure that neither partner contracts an infection.

If one or both partners has an STD, it’s best to talk about it openly and seek guidance from a healthcare provider or a trusted source of information on how to manage the condition. Prevention strategies such as vaccinations may be available. Treatment options should also be discussed to ensure that both partners remain healthy and protected against further infections.

If your spouse has an STD, take the necessary steps to protect yourself and others. Getting tested, seeking treatment and communicating with your partner are all key elements in managing the situation.
Remember that having an STD does not mean that a person is any less worthy of respect or love. An STD can be embarrassing and difficult to manage, but it does not have to disrupt your relationship or life as a whole. With the right precautions and care, you can continue living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Finally, if you feel overwhelmed by the situation, it’s okay to seek help from friends, family, or health professionals. Establishing a support system can go a long way in helping you cope with this difficult situation. It is possible to get through this experience positively with the right resources and guidance.

4 Planning Tips for a Successful Event

Organising an event is a long and stressful process. Whether you’re a professional organiser or not, you may feel overwhelmed. In addition, you may have a lot of things going on in your mind, like “what if things don’t go as planned?” or “what if the guests won’t be satisfied with the food?”. These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself while planning everything.

If you’re feeling pressured, we’re giving you four tips to achieve a successful event.

Identify the theme of the event

Whatever type of event you’re organising, be it a birthday party, graduation, or wedding, begin with identifying the event’s theme. The theme will serve as your starting point. When you know the event’s theme, it would be easier for you to find the materials needed for the decoration, the giveaways, and even the attire that you would require your guests to wear.

For instance, if you’re organising a black and white-themed event, things would be easy because you would only have to buy black and white decorations. If the theme is black and white, you may ask the guests to wear a simple tank top or sweatshirt made of soft jersey fabric. These kinds of clothes are easy to find and will make your guests comfortable throughout the event. Tell the guests as soon as possible about the theme to prepare for the clothes they would wear.

Establish a target budget

The budget is the most crucial part of every event. If you wish to make the event successful, make sure that you set aside enough budget. Create a detailed plan of the event and make some estimations of how much everything would cost. From the decors you will buy to the food you will prepare. Also, do not forget to allot an amount for contingencies. If you’re not a pro in planning events, you may opt to search online for some event budgeting and financial management tips.

Look for the perfect venue

When you start searching for the best event venue, make sure that you keep the following in mind. First would be the cost, next is the ambience, and lastly, the accessibility. Next, immediately identify the number of guests you’re expecting, so you know how big the venue would be. Finally, ensure that the place you are choosing is safe and reliable too.

Plan everything thoroughly

Lastly, plan everything you need for the event thoroughly. The likelihood that the event you are organising will fail will be lesser if you plan even the smallest detail. Create a checklist so you know which part of the event needs your attention. The checklist will be your guide to make sure that you don’t forget anything.

Accept it or not, no event is perfect. Flaws are inevitable but, if you stay focused, the event you are planning would be successful. Make sure that you don’t do things on your own. Instead, ask for help from others. Organising an event may be stressful and exhausting, but you can make things happen as long as you’re happy doing it.

How to cut the costs of a wedding in 2020

At this stage, you have probably secured the booking for a beautiful wedding venue, as these will need to be booked well in advance. Getting married is one of the biggest days in any new couple’s life, and meticulous planning is required to make it as memorable as possible. The more extravagant the wedding, the more it is likely going to cost. However, there are smart steps you can take to lower the total cost and still make it a day that any guests attending won’t forget anytime soon.

Reducing costs isn’t only an option for those hiring the venue hall, as anyone who owns and manages the event can also save money on a number of different commercial insurance policies. Business insurance can easily be compared online at Utility Saving Expert. Here you’ll find cover for Public Liability and Commercial Properties amongst others. As you’ll be hosting hundreds of guests throughout the calendar year, it’s Important to have the appropriate level of cover at the most competitive price.

Here are some practical tips you can use to reduce your wedding costs:

Send digital invitations

Commissioning a design and print team to produce a batch of professionally created wedding invitations isn’t cheap. Going digital might just provide a neat solution, as you can send electronic invitations to your guests.

Some couples are even considering the idea of creating a website to inform guests about the wedding. Now you may be thinking that this will cost even more, but it could actually work out far more cost effective. Using online website builders such as Squarespace or Wix can easily allow you to select a template, colour scheme and upload photos without having any previous coding knowledge. This modern solution even allows you to keep guests updated, and you’ll no longer have to pay for printing and postage costs.

The website could even allow attending guests to upload pictures and post comments after the event has concluded.

Guests can capture the moment

Hiring a professional photographer to capture the big day can be costly, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t do this, as it’s very important to have high quality photos.

What may be an option is to only use the photographer for all the key moments such as cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet of flowers. Paying for a photographer to be there for every hour of the day will add up. One suggestion could be asking guests to take photos of themselves and others during the evening and sending them to you later.

Modern smartphone photography has evolved greatly over the past five years, and often a number of phones can closely match high end mirrorless or DSLR cameras. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results, and It’s worth checking out some online comparison videos on YouTube to see what you can expect.

Choose a buffet over a traditional sit-down meal

After the venue booking, catering is another big area that will take up a large portion of your budget. This is where a buffet might provide an interesting option, as it costs around £12 to £20 per head. Some caterers will charge even more than this, so it’s worth considering multiple options to balance quality food with affordable cost.

It is estimated that a buffet could save you around 30% on your food related costs compared to a traditional sit-down meal.

Buy less flowers

You can reduce the amount you’ll need to spend on flowers by considering non-floral table centrepieces. For example, having tall candles with multi-coloured marble stones at each table can create a scenic atmosphere.

Sometimes less is more, having a singular flower in the middle of each table can also leave a big impression.

Hire semi-professional musicians

Hiring a musician or a band will liven things up at any event, and this is no different for weddings. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire the biggest name you can afford.

Searching for local talent is one creative way to ensure your event still has great sounding music. You could even see if colleges and universities in your town or city have students with a musical talent, some may even be studying the subject. Not only will this help you save money, but you’ll be giving them a great opportunity to showcase what they can do. Remember to carry out auditions or see them perform live beforehand.

Book a DJ

If you’d rather select a number of songs to be played at your wedding, hiring a DJ instead of a band can really help. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting as you’ve likely heard most of the songs before.

A DJ will allow you to play some of your favourite songs at key moments, some may even want their guests to suggest song requests before the big day.

In conclusion, weddings are something most couples look forward to for a very long time, so it’s important to make it the dream day that you’ve always envisioned. It’s easy to get carried away with extravagance, but you can use some of these steps to save money and still make it memorable for everyone involved.

Tips for Musicians to Have Amazing Live Concerts

Interact with the audience at all possible moments

The first thing in your mind should be to make your audience feel important and cared for as opposed to the general conception of being objects. Don’t forget that they are the reason why you are standing on stage. It is so because they genuinely care about your art and it is only fair if you care about their happiness in return. Remember to take time to add some funny jokes from your last tour or the city you are playing in.

Most importantly give your audience a chance to respond to you. This can be achieved as something as obvious as asking how everyone is doing or asking where to get the best food to eat and so on. If you notice someone going crazy, single them out and make their night while simultaneously making everyone else laugh.


Get creative without becoming gimmicky

It all depends on you. You should do anything and something first and foremost which feels natural to you since anything planned, strategic or forced can turn out dull and awkward. Always be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Learn to brainstorm with fellow other members to decide upon new and innovative ways to figure out what would work best for your act. For example, certain musicians grab the phones of their fans right in front of them, call their mom and sing for them. These are all different examples of creativity.

Think about sight, not just sound


As a musician, a concert is the best opportunity for you to appeal to all the fans senses as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing experience. Just think about the different innovative ways to beautify the concert. This could be achieved by setting up fog machines, great lighting tech on stage or stage background. Take advantage of all elements of technology available at each venue with an intention to captivate audiences.

Play something unexpected

Gigs and concerts provide the perfect opportunity to play and experiment something new with the audience. The audience always wants to get more or an extra something out of a live musical experience. You can captivate the audience by adding a new twist, remixing or playing a new song to make the audience experience something new that they have never heard before. Your fans will always anticipate in hearing the songs they already know about, so tend to blow them away by playing something new and unexpected.

Beyond The Barricade

‘Beyond The Barricade’ has delighted audiences throughout the UK and mainland Europe for more than a decade, with its exciting concert portrayal of the greatest songs in musical theatre, all performed totally live!
Recreating original West End/ Broadway musical hit songs with amazing authenticity, this cast of past principal performers from Les Miserables, present a blockbusting two hour show, and is now established as the nation’s favourite musical theatre concert.
Starring Andy Reiss, David Fawcett, Katie Leeming and Rebecca Vere, together with their own ensemble of talented musicians, ‘Beyond the Barricade’ features songs from The Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Jersey Boys, The Lion King, Blood Brothers, Miss Saigon and many others, climaxing with a spectacular finale from, of course, Les Miserables!
Andy Reiss and David Fawcett devised ‘Beyond the Barricade’ after appearing in the Manchester and London casts of Les Miserables. David played the lead role of Jean Valjean in both of these productions, and Andy played most of the male characters, including Enjolras and Valjean, and still remains the only person to take on the job of being the shows Resident Director, and perform in it at the same time.
Also on stage is Katie Leeming, who joined Beyond the Barricade after playing the lead role of Eponine in the West End production of Les Miserables, and Rebecca Vere who played Cosette in Les Miserables. Don’t miss the return of ‘Beyond the Barricade’ to experience its nationwide reputation for quality and perfection in musical theatre and find out why this exciting show has received critical acclaim across UK and abroad.

A Vision of Elvis

A Vision of Elvis in one of the world’s leading touring Elvis productions. Celebrating all the music of Elvis Presley from Sun Studio’s through to ’68 Comeback with the finale being the Concert Years engaging audiences with an uplifting and authentic Elvis experience.
Fresh form a smash hit European tour, A Vision of Elvis returns to the UK to bring Elvis fans old and new a night not to be missed.
On stage, the award winning, Rob Kingsley has the total package – the look… the sound… the charisma, and together with his spectacular live 10 piece band this show leaves the audience in no doubt that they are witnessing a truly authentic Elvis show.
So if you’re looking for an excuse to party, reminisce or simply be entertained by some of the best music ever, then A Vision of Elvis is definitely for you!
‘His moves, the voice, this guy is ELVIS, He captures the soul of Elvis, I should know, I worked with Elvis’ – Ed Bonja.

Michael Palin ‘The Thirty Years Tour’

Join Michael Palin for a flying visit to three momentous decades of his life
Following the success of his landmark tour in 2014 and to celebrate three decades of diaries, Michael Palin will mark the paperback publication of the final volume with a brand new show at 14 different venues around the country.
The Thirty Years Tour will see Michael use his diaries to tell the story of a life lived in the public eye from the end of the 1960’s when his first child and a new television show called Monty Python’s Flying Circus both took their first faltering steps. Monty Python catapulted him into a career which went on to produce not just the legendary films of the Python team, but also Ripping Yarns, railway journeys, feature films like Time Bandits, Brazil, A Private Function and A Fish Called Wanda, a BAFTA-nominated performance in the series GBH, as well as novels, plays, and three of the most successful travel series ever made.
In this two part show Michael brings to life thirty extraordinary years, trawling through a stock of rarely told stories, ranging from fighting to defend Monty Python in a US courthouse, the Ripping Yarn that never got made, Python’s American groupies and what it’s like filming with your own children.

He also talks about the glimpses of his personal life, so painstakingly committed to the diary each morning. The joy of friendships, the loss of loved ones, the pressures of absence on his family and how to deal with a roller-coaster ride of success and failure.

Profusely illustrated with film and video from all his various activities, The Thirty Years Tour is an autobiography, live on stage.

Dylan Moran: Off The Hook

Dylan Moran, star of Black Books, Shaun of the Dead and Calvary is back in Boro with his brand new stand up show.
“Jokes as sharp as barbed wire and a comedy brain quicker than a steel trap… Rarely have the rafters of the playhouse shook so dangerously to the sound of laughter.”
The Scotsman.
“A supremely confident performer, his timing for delivering punchlines is something special.”
The Telegraph.
“It didn’t felter for a moment. This is stand-up comedy of the first order… there’s scarcely a word wasted… seriously good fun.”
The Times.

Big Mouth Comedy Club

Starring: MC Matt Reed, Andy Robinson, Angela Barnes & Chris Washington
Big Mouth’s 2015 programme gets off to a flying start with huge Boro favourite Matt Reed as special guest MC.
“Complete and utter joy.” Time Out.
Andy Robinson has supported everyone from Jo Brand and Sean Lock to Rich Hall and Rhod Gilbert. He’s centre stage tonight and we’re in for a proper treat. ‘Andy Robinson is the comedy equivalent of gold dust, pure talent just waiting to be discovered’ – The Guardian
Angela Barnes won Best Newcomer in the BBC Comedy Awards 2011.  Since then she’s gone from strength to strength appearing on Stand Up For The Week, Mock The Week, Russell Howard’s Good News.
‘Angela Barnes is the best mainstream female comedian I’ve seen since Sarah Millican…’ Evening Standard
Top support comes from Chris Washington on what is going to be an ace night here.Big Mouth Comedy Club is not for the easily offended and line-ups may be subject to change.

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